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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chai Masti Spreads Its wings to Mira Road

Courtesy :Dignity Foundation
18th October 2007, was a proud day for Dignity Foundation and Dignity Chai Masti, the day on which a new Chai Masti@Anubhav centre was born at Mira Road.

The Chai Masti club being a stage for the elderly to showcase their talent and interact socially, will benefit the seniors in Mira Road. The concept of Chai Masti was very well appreciated by Fr.Alfred, Director of Anubhav Spirituality Centre, to whom Dignity Foundation is very thankful for offering us space to start
the centre.

Chai Masti members from our Head Office did the Welcome Aerobics Dance, which really inspired the audience and their spirit, zeal and zest were the highlights of evening.

Each of the members of our Chai Masti club spoke about their favourite activity or the activity which they enjoyed most and wanted the same activity to be also be a part of the Chai Masti at Mira Road.
The Inaugural function was attended by 3 Municipal Corporators of Mira Bhayender. Dr.Sheilu Sreenivasan, President Dignity Founndation, inaugurated the new centre.
The Mira Road centre is located at the Anubhav Spirituality Centre, St.Joseph’s Church Annex, Sheetal agar, Mira Road(E).

Most of the activities of the HO Chai Masti will be replicated at Mira Road.

Membership Fee for Mira Road
Rs.300/- for 6 months
Rs.500/- for a year
TIMING - 4.00 PM TO 7.00 PM

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