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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lauched website

I have now launched a website . Kindly visit for more updates and recent events in your town.

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Mohd. Ahtesham Shaikh said...

Assalam-o-alaikum friends in and around Jangid Enclave, Laxmi Park, Mira Road,

Do we all want peace and harmony around?
Do we want our young ones to be on the right path?
Do we all want to thank The All Mighty Allah?

The people of Jangid Enclave Mira Road have taken an initiative to construct a community centre for the Muslims to enable us perform prayers-Namaz. This is very important for young children and old members of our family. We being able to move around easily do not face problems in attending Namaz on Mira Bhayandar Highway and other places where ever we work. But due to unavailability of a mosque or place to pray in Jamat in our locality, our kids and elderly people are not able to say Namaz in Jamat.
More and more Muslims are moving into this locality and it is our responsibility to ensure that we have a proper place to worship Allah. Having a designated place nearby will allow all to say prayers all 5 times without having to travel long distances. Our aim is to have place for minimum 1000 people at a given point of time. We will also be able to perform Friday prayers in the same community centre.
All this is possible with your participation and support and of course with blessings from Allah. We need necessary permissions, space and funds to set this up.
Do get in touch with Mohammed Ahtesham Shaikh for sharing your ideas and extending your voluntary, monetary and non monetary support by writing in to

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